About Dashain

Dashain (Dasain/Bada-Dasain) is the longest and greatest festival of Nepal and Nepalese worldwide. Nepalese around the world celebrate this Dashain with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Dashain signifies the victory of good over evil. Dasain festival is celebrated to mark the victory of the goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.  Dashain

Dashain.com.au  is an online platform to share the Dashain festival’s happening, cultural, and religious aspects.

The contents the website Dashain.com.au presents are based on information collected from various sources, including Hindu myths, Nepalese newspapers, and magazine articles.

There is always room for improvement; if you find any error/mistake, please do not hesitate to write us through this Contact Us form.

About Dashain.com.au

Dashain.com.au is an initiative to engage the Nepalese Australian Community in cultural and social festive bonding.

Dashain.com.au provides the following to Nepalese living in Australia and the world.

  • The religious aspect of the festival.
  • The social aspect of the Festival.
  • Celebration and Puja/Aaradhana of the festival.
  • The cultural connection between Australian Nepalese and back home Nepal.
  • Promotion of Dashain festival and its religious, cultural ideas.
  • Dasain Festival offers by Nepalese Australian businesses in Australia.
  • Dasain celebration happenings in Australia.
  • Vijaya Dashami Tika sait for Nepalese in Australia.
  • Shopping tips, ideas for Nepalese in Australia and the globe.

Why follow Dashain.com.au?

  • It is the first website to share Nepali Dasain ideas in various aspects of its celebration.
  • It gives you Dasain Tika, Dasain Tika Sait, Dasain Greeting Cards, Dasain posters, Dasain nostalgia, and almost everything related to Dasain/Vijaya Dashami.
  • It prepares content based on fact and authorized information available in the public domain.
  • It not only gives you shopping ideas but also provides links and ways to buy those. We are involved in affiliate marketing as well as google ads to sustain the website and its costs.
  • It is open to accept mistakes and ready for correction, which means it initiates to give you the most accurate information.


Do you have any questions regarding Dashain.com.au?

If you want to know anything about Dasain and the website Dashain.com.au, feel free to reach out via Contact Us form. We will get back to you ASAP. As this is a volunteering act expect a week or fortnight to get a response from our team.

Our final words,  

We are pleased to know you liked our initiation and reading up to here. We are a team of Nepalese Australian bloggers to share our cultural and religious faith with interested netizens. Among billions of websites on the internet, we trying to be more specific to our community and festival.

We are trying to make our articles factual and unbiased. Though cannot always guarantee 100% success achieved to make it such. Your help and contribution are much appreciated to improve our performance and the quality of content we provide. We want to thank NepaliPage.com for its technical support.

Warm Thank you!