Dashain News gives an update on Dashain timetables, dates, and events organized by Nepalese organizations. Dashain News covers updates on Dashain happening, Dashain tika sait, Dashain tika sitting position, and most auspicious time for receiving and offering Bada Dashain Tika.

Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021 -

Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021

In Nepali and Hindu tradition Sait is very important. Some fraction of time makes happening very special. While celebrating Dashain the sait is very important for Ghatasthapana, Devi iBisarjan and Dahain Tika. Here we outline Important Dashain Sait 2021 for global Nepalese. In virtually every other country where they live, Hindus and Nepalese celebrate the Dashain Festival. Dashain, Nepal's most important festival, is observed by hundreds of thousands of Nepalese ex-pats and is one of the more extended celebrations on the calendar.  In the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin, Dashain lasts 15 days from the "bright moon" to the full moon. Due to the differences in lunar and solar-based time-keeping, the gregorian calendar generally falls between September and October. Many Nepalese businesses and government offices will be closed during Dashain, so if you are a foreigner and traveling to Nepal should make careful preparations.

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Dashain festival 2021: Lockdown and celebration -

Dashain festival 2021: Lockdown and celebration

In Nepal, Dashain is the most celebrated festival. Before the celebration is in full swing, there is the monsoon season heat, high humidity, heavy evening clouds, torrential rain, thick green foliage, deep puddles, long thick grasses, and the unmistakable smell of moist soil. The rain that falls between June and …

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Delicious food recipes for this Dashain 2021 -

Ultimate Dashain food recipes: step by step cooking guide

On Dashain, we usually drink, play cards, and eat varieties of meat items. Unlike other festivals, you are not required to keep fasting on Dashain. When you are participating in this 15-day festival, one thing you generally do is eat. Dashain Food Recipes is supposed to represent a taste of Nepal. Different types of food are served at the Dashain festival. Dashain Food cuisine is mainly prepared with goat meat. Goat meat is the main component of Nepalese Dashain food. Dashain Food cuisine also includes Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, Chatani, Achar etc.

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Where are the small Dashains if this Dashain is the "Bada Dashain" -

Navadurga: Know nine forms of Durga worshiped every Dashain

Dashain's first nine days are known as Nawa Ratri, the offering of tantric rites. Life is embodied in Durga, Goddess of power and energy in Nepal, one divine feminine form. Each of the goddesses emanating from goddess Durga has her attributes and abilities, known as devils. The deity is typically portrayed as a sacred Kalash, a water jug sculpted in the shape of a goddess holding lethal weapons in most temples dedicated to mother goddesses. These nine days are dedicated to worshipping the Goddess. Worshipping her the right way and being pleased with her will bring good fortune; however, neglecting her will bring evil tidings. Here we shall discuss the nine forms of Goddess we shall worship throughout the Dashain festival tenure in Nepal.

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Dashain festival in Nepal: celebration with community colour

The 15 days long Dashain festival, why you should not miss it? 

Nepal's most significant Hindu festival, Dashain, generally falls in September or October. Dashain is observed for fifteen days and has many different rituals and traditions. One of the most popular rituals is Vijaya Dashami, celebrated on the tenth day of the Dashain festival This ritual involves applying a red paste made from sindoor, rice and yogurt on each person's forehead as a sign of blessing and protection from evil forces. Another notable tradition observed during the Dashain festival is animal sacrifice.

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Dashain Ashirwad and Mantra

Dashain is referred to as Bijaya Dashami. Among Nepal's largest and most prestigious festivals, this one gets highly regarded. As one of Nepal's most notable festivals, it also has the longest-running history. Dashain gets celebrated throughout the month of Ashoj (between September and October). In Hinduism, Dashain is the celebration of victory over evil. According to Hindu mythology, Ram killed Ravana (King of Lanka), the incarnation of Vishnu, and Durga brutally smashed Mahisasur, the devil who was destroying the planet.

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