Dashain Gift Idea: 5 small and cool gadgets

Dashain is not only the biggest festival for Nepalese around the world but also a big shopping sensation. Dashain has extended its significance from tradition to business and fashion as people buying new clothing and gadgets this season. Cleaning neighbourhoods, colouring house, buying new furniture, home appliance not only gives fresh feeling but also shows welcoming gesture. This is the time family and relatives offer gifts to near and dear ones. Dashain Gift gives warmness to the relationship. Often father, brother, sister, uncle, who are elder in relation give Dashain gifts to youngers. Traditionally buying and offering new clothing and brand-new monetary notes as Dakshina is a specialty of Dashain. But, with changed time and space now people gift trendy gadgets as Dashain gifts. Even people who are in relationship exchange tech gadgets with their girlfriend and boyfriend. iPhone 13 Max Pro is top on the range this year.

If you are scratching your head to get an idea for Dashain Gift, here we have a list of some small and cool gadgets that could be used for your nearer and dearer. You and your pocket will love these trendy gadgets. Here we go:

  1. DronePro 4K

Kite is tradition, Drone is a trend. A drone is one of the must-have gadgets of this time. Filming and taking some amazing videos and photos from bird view gives. If you planning to gift someone in this Dashain DRonePro 4K would be the best choice, which would be really useful not only for amusement but also for vlogging or semi-professional works. The best things are it’s cheaper and 4K. Dashain Gift Idea: 5 small and cool gadgets - Dashain.com.au

Some of the cool features it owns are

  • It has 2 movie level 4K cameras
  • 120-degree ultra-wide lens
  • Compact, easy to fold and portable
  • Professional level altitude hold
  • Gesture control for photos and videos
  • Realtime video transmission
  • Extra battery life

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2. Mini Home Projector

Though projectors are awesome to watch movies and play games, the only problem with this gadget was size and cost. Thanks to mini home projectors reduced cost and size and made it handy to enjoy the big screen. Super Mini Home Projector is would be another option to make your loved one’s Dashain happy.

Some of the cool features Super Mini Home Projector has

  • Plays video and films from computer & mobile
  • Sizes up to 150 inches
  • Includes Speakers
  • HD 720p and 1080p resolution
  • Supports almost all smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, laptop, Blu-ray player

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Dashain Gift Idea: 5 small and cool gadgets - Dashain.com.au

3. ProWatch GT

Smartwatch is the trend on the wrist. This Dashain you have another option to gift someone, ProWatch GT. Gifting a watch means making someone time aware. Another benefit of this is they would remember you always while checking time.

Some of the cool features of ProWatch GT are

  • Toughest smartwatch
  • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Waterproof 30 Meters
  • Activity Tracking
  • 45 days Battery Life

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4. SmartCamPro

This tiny camera is perfect for those who love shooting activities of their baby or love to go for a long drive in their car. It’s perfect to use as a home security device too. This tech toy is the perfect Dashain gift to those who love videos.

Some of the cool features of this tiny eye 

  • Tiny in size and easy to hide
  • 1080p wide-angle camera
  • Night vision
  • Supports iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Motion and voice alarm
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery

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Dashain Gift Idea: 5 small and cool gadgets - Dashain.com.au

5. MassageGun Pro

If your nearer and dearer loves to get massage frequently this is a perfect Dashain gift you offer this year. Massagers are one of the useful gadgets in everyday life, so it’s a good idea to give such everyday gadgets as a gift.

Some of the cool features this MAssageGun Pro has

  • Professional look
  • Compact and light in weight just 450g
  • Helps to increase blood flow and relieves soreness
  • 3200 RPM high speed
  • Low noise
  • Long battery

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