Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021


Nepali and Hindu traditions place a great deal of emphasis on Sait, and what actually is a sahit? In truth, it is a specific time considered auspicious for Ghatasthapana, Devi Bisarjan, and Dashain Tika. Here, in this article we shall outline Important Dashain Sait 2021 for global Nepalese residing away from Nepal.

Nepalese and Hindus celebrate Dashain almost everywhere else they live. The leading festival of Nepal is Dashain, celebrated by hundreds of thousands of citizens every year.

From the beginning of the “bright moon” to the end of the full moon, Dashain usually lasts 15 days in the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin which is in between  September and October.

As mentioned in Hindu religious texts, Dashain commemorates Rama’s victory over Ravana, the demon king, and Mahishasur, a water buffalo-like demon terrorizing the citizens and to end the terror Lord Durga, the goddess of victory, slayed the evil.

Many stories are associated with Lord Durga, a part of Dashain, which is primarily a celebration of “good triumphing over evil.”

Dashain tika and festival timing for 2078 B.S (2021)

Here we outline information about Dashain 2021 or 2078. The major days of Dashain in 2021 or 2078, along with the auspicious “Sahit” of Dashain 2021.

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Dashain Calendar 2021: Important Dashain Sait 2021

The 15-day Dashain Festival is observed thoroughly in Nepal and it’s considered as the longest important festival. Apart from Nepal, the festival is celebrated in the North-Eastern region of the country and Nepal, India, and Bhutan.


Country Date Sahit (Time)
Kathmandu, Nepal 29th Asoj 2078 Morning 10:02 am
New Delhi, India 15th October 2021 Morning 09:55 am
New York, USA 15th October 2021 Morning 09:21 am
Kentucky, USA 15th October 2021 Morning 08:55 am
California, USA 15th October 2021 Morning 07:15 am
Toronto, Canada 15th October 2021 Morning 08:35 am
Tokyo, Japan 15th October 2021 Morning 11:05 am
Sydney, Australia 15th October 2021 Morning 10:25 am
Melbourne, Australia 15th October 2021 Morning 10:31 am
Brisbane, Australia 15th October 2021 Morning 10:21 am
Wellington, New Zealand 15th October 2021 Morning 10:35 am
Lisbon, Portugal 15th October 2021 Morning 09:55 am
London, UK 15th October 2021 Morning 10:01 am
Paris, France 15th October 2021 Morning 09:15 am
Oslo, Norway 15th October 2021 Morning 08:39 am
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15th October 2021 Morning 08:25 am
Abu Dhabi, UAE 15th October 2021 Morning 08:21 am
Doha, Qatar 15th October 2021 Morning 07:55 am
Bangkok, Thailand 15th October 2021 Morning 08:15 am
Seoul, South Korea 15th October 2021 Morning 09:15 am
Tel Aviv, Israel 15th October 2021 Morning 09:01 am
Singapore 15th October 2021 Morning 08:47 am
Hongkong 15th October 2021 Morning 08:33 am
Saudi Arabia 15th October 2021 Morning 08:14 am
Yang, Myanmar 15th October 2021 Morning 08:09 am
Geneva, Switzerland 15th October 2021 Morning 10:15 am


Important Dashain Sait 2021 for different locations in Australia

From performing the 15 days ritual, the Australian Nepalese thoroughly enjoy the reunion with their family members and celebrate the festivals. This year 2021, Dashain date and time details got released, you can go through the timing of every Dashain occasion. 

Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021 -

Important Dashain date 2021

Ghatasthapana: October 7th, 2021 (Thursday)

Vijaya Dashami: October 15th, 2021 (Friday)

As Nepalis are spread out all over the globe, the times for taking the auspicious Dashain tika differ from city to city and country to country.

Cities Ghatasthapana timings Devi Bisarjan Vijaya Dashami timings
Sydney  06:24 am 07:48am 10:25am
Melbourne  06:47 am 08:05am 10:31am
Brisbane 05:21 am 06:42 am 10:29 am
Adelaide 06:44 am 08:03 am 10:26 am
Canberra 06:24 am 07:52 am 10:27 am
Tasmania 06:39 am 07:58 am 10:51 am
Perth 05:48 am 07:07 am 10:03 am
Darwin 06:26 am 07:51 am 10: 27 am


Traditions associated with Dashain, mostly observed in Nepal

As Dashain is a primary festival for Nepalese, people celebrate it by:

  • As a celebration of the Dashain Festival, kites fly high, shouting loud ‘change chet’.
  • Playing cards is allowed for the source of enjoyment.
  • Well-maintained homes are clean and decorated ornately. A symbolic invitation to the Hindu goddess mother to come down and bless the house is meant to invite good luck.
  • It is the holiday season where people spend lavishly on new clothes.
  • Children can play on bamboo swings constructed as temporary structures. The swings are dismantled after the festival.
  • Various animals are sacrificed, including buffaloes, rams, and ducks. Throughout Nepal, these sacrifices are offered to Hindu goddesses as a form of worship.
  • It is a common practice for citizens to visit temples in the morning as a Dashain ritual.
  • The Dashain Festival happens right after the harvest season, and grains are abundant in homes.
  • In the main day “Vijaya Dashami” a pigmented red rice called tika is inscribed on the foreheads of worshipers.

Dashain is all about the celebration of togetherness with the family and we wish you a very Happy Dashain 2021!

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