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In 2021, when is Dashain? Take note of the Dashain events & dates this year!

Among the most observed Nepalese celebrations is the Dashain festival. Nepalese Hindus everywhere across the globe celebrate this festival magnificently. A ten-day festival is held in the autumn (September or October). There is a particular religious purpose for every single day. According to the English calendar, the Dashain festival will be held from 7 October to 15 October 2021.

Based on the Nepali calendar, the festival falls from 21 to 29 Ashwin 2078 BS.

In 2021, when is Dashain? Take note of the Dashain events & dates this year - Dashain.com.au

In Dashain, Hindus honour the divine beings’ incredible victory over the shrewd evil spirits. During this festival, Nepalese families gather and celebrate together as a whole. A feast prepared at the House is shared with extended families during the gathering. It’s indeed an excellent opportunity for families who haven’t seen one another for months to re-connect.

In this article, we shall discuss the important dates for Dashain 2021. What is the exact date of Dashain in 2021? What is the date of Dashain in 2078 BS? Alternatively, Nepali calendar Dashain 2021 or Dashain Nepali Calendar 2078.

What is the significance of the Dashain festival?

Dashain is a Hindu festival celebrating the end of an evil spirit, according to Hindu mythology. The festival was born as a result of Goddess Durga’s victory over “Mahisasur”, who unleashed terror and horror. A four-day war between Goddess Durga and the demon took place during which the demon gets killed. As a result, her victory over the devil also shows that evil cannot prevail and always fail.

It is evident immediately after the nine days that evil is constantly battling temperance. It took goddess Durga nine days of continual battle between virtue and vice to ultimately defeat the demons and evil spirits. In addition to Goddess Durga’s victory over devil Ravan, Goddess Durga’s blessing also brings blessings to God Ram’s triumph over Ravan during the festival.

Consequently, Hindus from around the globe celebrate this festival in grandeur due to its importance. The celebration is also a celebration of the truth, always triumphing over evil and deception.

How are people celebrating Dashain for nearly ten days?

In 2021, when is Dashain? Take note of the Dashain events & dates this year - Dashain.com.auAs previously mentioned, Dashain lasts for ten days. Ghatasthapana, the first day of Dashain, falls on 7 October 2021. Jamara is a symbolic object for the tika ceremony and is worn on the 10th day of the festival. In mud pots, Jamara’s are grown from maize and grain seeds.

Furthermore, on Saptami, also known as Fulpati, is a day where auspicious plants are placed in the Dashain Ghar. On this day, individuals prefer to return to their homes and spend time with their family members. Saptami is followed by Maha Ashtami. People perform various rituals during the eight-day festival. People perform ceremonies and rites using Ash Gourd as an offering to Goddess Kali. Kubhindo in Nepali is a vegetable that is cultivated in the garden. This ritual is performed by those who refrain from animal slaughters.

Maha Navami is the ninth day after Asthami. As a celebration of Navami, people worship their tools, iron equipment, and automobiles by performing pujas. Dashain, the last day, is known as Vijay Dashami, the day after Vijaya Dashami. Families gather to receive blessings, Tika (rice mixed with yogurt and red colour powder), and jamara (planted on the first day) from the family’s elder members.

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In 2021, when is Dashain? Take note of the Dashain events & dates this year - Dashain.com.au
New clothing is one of the special parts of Dashain.

What makes it a grand festival for Nepalese?

The Dashain festival is grand and popular with people of all ages. The holiday provides an opportunity for separated families and family members to meet for the first time.

Many people who work away from home or their country travel home to celebrate their families’ and friends’ festivities. In addition, families buy their children new clothes. There are many benefits to participating in this festival, including having 30 days of vacation, eating delicious food, having fun with their cousins, and getting to wear new clothes.

Usually, the family’s senior members give them cash as a gift and blessing, known as Dakshina. The families set up a fantastic gala, and some people also participate in card games. Also, bamboo swings are made in the communities to play. People fly kites making the sky full of kites and colourful.

What are the essential dates of the Dashain Festival in 2021?

Ghatasthapana – the first day of Dashain this year – falls on 7 October

Pulpati – the seventh day – on 12 October

Asthami festival is on 13 October

Navami is on 14 October

Dashami falls on 15 October

Kojagrat Purnima on 20 October

Additionally, this festival is celebrated for another five days until Kojagrat Purnima on 20 October. Until Kojagrat Purnima, relatives and extended family members visit each other’s houses, putting Tika and receiving blessings.


If you think we have missed a few of the important dates of Dashain 2021, do let us know in the comment section!

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