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Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021

In Nepali and Hindu tradition Sait is very important. Some fraction of time makes happening very special. While celebrating Dashain the sait is very important for Ghatasthapana, Devi iBisarjan and Dahain Tika. Here we outline Important Dashain Sait 2021 for global Nepalese. In virtually every other country where they live, Hindus and Nepalese celebrate the Dashain Festival. Dashain, Nepal's most important festival, is observed by hundreds of thousands of Nepalese ex-pats and is one of the more extended celebrations on the calendar.  In the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin, Dashain lasts 15 days from the "bright moon" to the full moon. Due to the differences in lunar and solar-based time-keeping, the gregorian calendar generally falls between September and October. Many Nepalese businesses and government offices will be closed during Dashain, so if you are a foreigner and traveling to Nepal should make careful preparations.

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