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Ghatasthapana - the first day of Dashain for Jamara Planting - Dashain.com.au

Ghatasthapana – the first day of Dashain for Jamara Planting 

Gatasthapana is the beginning of Vijaya Dashami. A ghadha is a pot or container, and a sthapana is to set up. The meaning of establishing a pot is the literal combination of these words. According to the Hindu calendar, Ghatasthapana falls on the first full moon of Ashwin month (the bright day before the full moon of the next month). The Kalash (holy water vessel) symbolic of Goddess Durga gets placed in the prayer room (pooja). Either clay or metal gets used to make the pot. The Kalash is filled with holy water, covered with cow dung (dung), and sprinkled with seeds as part of the decoration process.  Jamara gets planted by spreading sand from the river bank around the center, making it a focal point. The sand surrounding the Kalash gets covered in barley seed and sesame. Pundits (priests) select an opportune moment to start the Ghatasthapana.  A priest chants a welcome mantra requesting the blessings of goddess Durga on Kalash for ten days of repose. The Ghata gets offered food items, abir, kumkum, and other colorful powders and flowers. For ten days, the mantra written in Chandi (the text of Chandi) gets recited in the room of goddess Durga Bhawani.

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