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Global Dashain Celebrations: Important Dashain Sait 2021 - Dashain.com.au

It’s Dashain season, the biggest Festival time

Autumn is in full bloom as the rainy season clouds change into flawless blue skies. As the festive season draws near, it gets marked by crisp air, warm weather, and colourful dragonflies. Religion, celebration, and rituals are significant in Nepal during the autumn festival season. However, a pandemic may mean that people will not be able to hold their ceremonies this year within their homes. COVID-19 has caused an increase in cases, so it has become increasingly difficult to observe Dashain season and celebrations that involve social gatherings, such as Teej and Indra Jatra. In 2021, what will be the grand celebration of the Dashain festival? Dashain festivals are not instances of mass gatherings, travelling, and visiting relatives across numerous places. Family members stay in the house to celebrate and enjoy festivals. 

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Why Maha Navami is an integral part of the Dashain festival - Dashain.com.au

Why Maha Navami is an integral part of the Dashain festival?

Hindus worldwide celebrate Maha Navami as one of the most important and most popular festivals of Dashain. As a result of its popularity, it is even known as the "Mother of All Festivals" in Nepal. The festival is also widely celebrated in India and other countries in South Asia. Durga Puja, Dashain and Navratri are the other names associated with Dashain. Dashain is a fifteen-day festival in Nepal. Ghatasthapana marks the beginning of the festival and Purnima, the end of the festival. The Dashain festival lasts for 15 days every year, usually in September or October. Based on the Nepali calendar, last year's celebration began on the 1st of Kartik and ended on the 15th of Kartik 2077 BS. The celebration of Dashain was on October 17th, 2020, according to the English Calendar. The festival lasts 15 days, and each day reflects the specific strict reason for celebration. It is believed that Dashain is the most significant Hindu celebration and respect for goddess Durga and the triumph of good over evil.

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