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Where are the small Dashains if this Dashain is the "Bada Dashain" - Dashain.com.au

Where are the small Dashains if this Dashain is the “Bada Dashain”

Nepal's most fantastic festival, Bada Dashain, will eventually get over after celebrating two weeks during October 2021. The name is derived from Bada (Hindi for 'big'), suggesting some other 'smaller' Dashain. Are they still there? It is claimed that Nepal used to celebrate four Dashins a year in the past. As part of Chaitra (March/April), the eighth day of the waxing moon (Shukla Paksha) is celebrated as Chaite Dashain. As a festival, it is less significant than Badadashain. Additionally, two other Navaratras no longer exist, and most people have no idea about their existence. The observance of tantra is more widespread among some strict priests today, but 'once upon a time stories' have dominated ordinary people. In medieval Nepal, the cultural experts point out that people also celebrated Navaratras in the Shukla Pakshas in Ashadh (June/July) and Magh (January/February) as Summer and Winter Navaratras. Despite the same deities worshipped on each Dashain each year, both have their significance. However, there were different rituals and traditions before.

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